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Again here

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 24, 2010, 12:49 PM
header nuevsimo

Hello every one! I'm happy to post another perfeclty sensless journal. I have been not so active, and yes blame the sims for that but I'm quiting it really soon I promese, the next thing :D is some of my favorites since last time.

:thumb167234609: Waiting by BiaReys Peachy by enkana Forest giant by randyotter Fledgling by LenupetComics Mungo Smash V2 by pai-thagoras

:raincloud: And now the dificult part well I was just runing in the DA fields whe I saw many comments :whisper: about the stupid comments people leave like "cute" and "its lovely" and I really felt bad since I usually do a lot of this, but lets look at it a bit more carefully.

I have a full time job and a house to keep clean and a BF that requires attention once in a while, I follow a bunch of deviants of diferent level of skill and several groups. sometimes when eork and life makes dificult for me to go in DA I came back to and Horrifying 600 or 700 devs to watch... I do watch every one, but I can only coment a few and brief commenst, sometimes I try to give depper commenst bu usually I cant So please don't be mad at me if I only leave a wow! pretty, as a comment I really meant it! :clap:

Ok so I hope I can calm the guilt that haunts me at night with that rambling.

So life has been ok, lot of rain what puts me in the mood for art but I need to clean up my bedroom and the cat did poop in my bed yesterday I only want the weekend to began and be able to paint a bit!

Also my Birthday is comming I would be 27 in less than a month and I'm not so happy for that really...

Would be great to have a new scanner for my birthday

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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Thu May 27, 2010, 1:10 PM
header nuevsimo

Ok, no one can  tell that I'm anoying with so many journals... lol cuz I'm totally not posting since february, Me and my life are doing good, new and wonderfull things are happening. we are again one member less in my family but also a member more (congratulations to my cousin for that :heart:!) I have found great artist in this months and I'm featuring them.

But I want to anounce That I'm jumping in the wagon of the groups, I'm forming a group for one eyed art,  so if you care to Join I would be glad to having you around, right now it's empty since it has been created like 10 minutes ago lol but here it is.


Now this are some of the new and awesome thing I have foun in DA since last time

Very Bad Hair Day by matchola :thumb156785332: Deer One by Maddiox The Little Prince by mairimart  The White Rabbit: Revised by AbigailLarson :thumb156643476: Chocolate cake by KarenKaren yellow girl by da-bu-di-bu-da

and somenthing more... I might have great news in a couple of days!

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Of Rain things and LOVE

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 28, 2010, 7:34 PM
header nuevsimo

Hello Again, uff so many things have been going on since the last time I came around I have been very very bussy with work and life and of course art since I have been focusing in watercolour I cant show many things until I get a new scanner wich should hapen this month if I can find a good and inexpensive one, but I'm doing some digital and I will be posting some of it! I'm really happy of comming back!

Kisses for everyone! :blowkiss:


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Rainy and Happy

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 27, 2009, 3:24 PM
header nuevsimo

Hello, I know, I know that I havent been very active latelybut I have tried to check all the fabulous art of the fellow deviants I follow, and I really plan to drop some coments today I promisse.

Well as I said in my last journal I'm taking drawing lessons and they are pretty good, but I don't have much time left and also I have been traveling a bit betwen mexico city and san luis, hopefully all thattraveling would be settled soon...

well les see  art! I'm working in my watercolour skills and I'm just about to submit some of it I have a lots of tiny skethon my moleskine, that I hope can very soonturn into somenthing more fleshy, I have alsoo seen some great art around so here some of it

bear girl by da-bu-di-bu-da :thumb138216251: zombie web comic by tonysandoval Poor Me by GaGaGakun Momiji doll Bubble by stickmuster07 :thumb137751164: lover by il6amo7a-Q8 coffee love by zarzo :thumb137696474:

puf puf! I finally visited all the pending deviations, And I want to say tankyou so much to all that wonderful Deviants that follow me, Some times I'm very short of time but be sure that I check the deviations as often as I can and I try to read the journals as much to! hope every one has a great OTOÑO!!! love this season

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Journal Entry: Thu Sep 3, 2009, 11:16 PM
header nuevsimo

SO hundreds and hundreds of things have been going on since my last post, next week I'm beggining classes in the centro de las artes de slp… there the link is all in spanish but the pictures show how nice it is, it was a former jailhouse and now is a art school, I'm taking figure drawing since I have the firm intent in become a illustrator and a clasical education is a must so hopefully all would turn good this was a very dificult year but I'm in love and I'm very happy about that!

so here some of my very very favs

Of Thoughts and Crimson by Wings-of-dust Sheldon - The Big Bang Theory by toonseries Guarda-chuva Girl by peppermintmaryy Moncho vector by omerklauz Wating... by xxStugIVxx long winter evenings by da-bu-di-bu-da :thumb135709158:

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14 featured! comment and will be added

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 27, 2009, 11:52 AM
header nuevsimo

Hello every one!

From the cute :iconsquidpig:

1- I will add the first 14 people to comment on this journal to the Promotional List.

2- For each of those 14 people, I will put their avatar and three deviations I like from their gallery on the list.

3- If I feature you, you'll have to do the same in your journal, putting me on the first place, completing this way the list with 14 people ^^

and thats it happy bunnies for all of you

Chicos atención!!!

de la lindisima :iconsquidpig:

1- Añadire a las primeras 14 personas que comenten en este journal a una lista de promoción.

2- Colocare el avatar de cada una de esa personas y tres deviations que nos gusten de su galería

3- Si entras en esta lista deberás hacer lo mismo en tu journal, poniéndome en primer lugar y completando la lista hasta 14 personas :glomp:

y felices conejitos saltarines para todos

N.1 :iconsquidpig: N.1

Rapunzel by SquidPig Look at that, it is a Yeti by SquidPig Hot Chick by SquidPig

N.2 :iconextramedicationnowxd: N.2

The Simplicity Of Plant Life by ExtraMedicationNowXD Shout by ExtraMedicationNowXD :thumb102937744:

N.3 :iconsaniakob: N.3


N.4 :iconfirebrando: N.4

yappy valentine xD by firebrando girl1-practice by firebrando :YoDa: by firebrando

N.5 :iconclawsthejaguar: N.5
:thumb130756858: :thumb123532629: :thumb72197613:

N.6 :iconheal-me: N.6

Cyber Line by Heal-Me Hamster by Heal-Me Keychain by Heal-Me

N.7 :iconexanarkia: N.7

Escudera by Exanarkia  Grietas by Exanarkia -CCT- SurcAndO x loS cIEloS by Exanarkia

N.8 N.8

N.9 N.9

N.10 N.10

N.11 N.11

N.12 N.12

N.13 N.13

N.14 N.14

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Necesito Donadores

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 16, 2009, 7:46 AM
header nuevsimo

Chicos y Chicas que estan en el DF me urge un mega favor, estan operando a mi abuela en estos momentos y nos hacen falta donadores de sangre, asi que sia alguien se anima a donar sangre (lo cual se los agradeceria muchisimo)
les dejo los datos
Hospital magdalena de las salinas
Cama 620 traumatología
mi abuelita osea trinidad gomez!

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  • Reading: La prisi&oacute;n de la libertad
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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Wed May 13, 2009, 8:37 AM
header nuevsimo

So Bf arrived whit out telling me... so he basically had to introduce himself to my parents :lol: any way I was very glad to see him and this weekend I'm coming over mexico city, and if I'm lucky it would be rainy!! so little time just 2 days!! cuz moonday I have to work

any way here are some of my latest :+fav: s hope u enjoy

golden fish by sanoe
by :iconsanoe:

Girl in Yellow Hoodie by knitetgantt
by :iconknitetgantt:

Kanji Mice by RamonaQ
by :iconramonaq:

Pope by Silvionix
by :iconsilvionix:

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  • Listening to: ever lasting friend - blue october
  • Reading: La prisi&oacute;n de la libertad
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In need of a hug...

Journal Entry: Wed May 6, 2009, 8:03 AM
header nuevsimo

So my computer bradown, it was the power source, and after going to the tech it got worst, of course the tech is like those mechanics that you take your car with a little noise and it turns a week later that you need a allnew  engine...
not even my mechanic is lke that... any way my suscription is runing out this week... we will see firsta how much it will costme have my computer back... and mothers day

by the wa I have noticed that in gallery some of you have a big picture in the right column  instead of the inishots how do you do that?

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Influenza and another unpleseant things

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 30, 2009, 10:16 AM
header nuevsimo

So as many know, I live in the second city struck by the Influenza, people is a bit scared but more than that is okey, today is my last day of work until may 6, all non idispensable places are to be closed wich would give me 6 days to do a lot of drawing and also finish some projects I haven't have time for...

so hows around the world?

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  • Reading: Pride and Prejudice
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Changed my Avatar

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 16, 2009, 10:37 AM
header nuevsimo

Just to let you guys know that I changed my avatar, new year new avatar and the previous stood for a whole year, this one is from Titania and Oberon by ConejitoPerverso
titania and Oberon, and since I love how oberon looks being a girl, he... she was the chosen one!

I'm also changing the layout of the journal, I'm gonna make a new head and actually put somen other thing beside the colors...

any imput?

I also wanted to show some of my favorite portraits I love droplets against windows…

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  • Reading: Pride and Prejudice
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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 13, 2009, 10:38 AM
  • Mood: Rant
  • Listening to: Field Below- Regina Specktor
  • Reading: 2 fools
  • Watching: .... a blue wall
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

So many things to do! so little time, I have a good amount of proyecta that are half done of wich I did very little, I hope to do a lot more soon, I have been planing incredible things for the moment
Titania and Oberon by ConejitoPerverso
the girls in titania and oberon costumes would have to suffice, I put tons of hours in this to, the pencil sketches would be up soon but I'm planing on redoing some of this I don't love titania eye, and her hair could be a bit lighter, the jewls in her hair maybe more colorfull.

I'm also doing a bit of water color but I don't have the least idea how to scan them for it to look good...
Marie by ConejitoPerverso
straight from the moleskine

soooo enough of me lets see some things I have found this week.

Margo by makidra
by :iconmakidra:
is a beautifull doll the colors are amazing as it's the texture on her hair and the soft colors in her clothes.
go and check her deviant she is new!

onion soup
Nr. 54 by AannNdddDI
by :iconaannnddddi:
theartist not just made an amazig looking photoset, but it also gave us the recipe!

by :iconkonoi:
An amazing monster that is scary and cute at the same time!

Amazing work guys!

One eye only

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 26, 2009, 8:51 AM
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Numb- switchblade symphony
  • Reading: persuasion by jane austen
  • Watching: .... a blue wall
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  • Drinking: mango juice

So, I have been asked numerous times why I do only one eye, or why one is bigger than the other. well I'm fasinated by eyes! dot eyes! big shinny eyes! weird eyes etc. I have been fsinated with diferent eyes in same face since I saw a dog with a one blue one green eye, and the goblin king has weird eyes to, then I tought in one pupil bigger than other but that made draws look stoned (like this one Spooky Cookie by ConejitoPerverso ), then some ytears ago I draw this fairy (wich I still hace to find... there should be some were in a box) ans since she was a cloth doll I draw for her a button eye, you know how cloth dolls and teddy bears usually end with only one eye? well the button was so big that there wasn't a lot of space for a second one. but one eye looked pretty good then was when I realized that when I was an angsty teenager (yeah emo boys and girls there was angsty teenagers before emo...) I fought with a friend who said I was stuborn as a mule (to be fair I am stuborn as a mule) and in an angry mood I wrote this little tale of a girl who had an eye in a little box to see things "from other point of view" (I just wanted to claw off his eyes to be honest) so I began to experiment with one eye draw, by example  the liliths lilit's dolls 5 by ConejitoPerverso gave up and eye for the gif of becoming revenge demons (much like odin gave his eye for knowledge) fromage monster Fromage Monster by ConejitoPerverso lossed his one when it sliped away by the heat that blistened his skin and melted his body.

So as you can see I love the one eye trend lol, but also designing and doing islutrations the one eye helps to have a central focus, I can make it bigger, if I used two the efect would be lost and they would have to be small... and they would look a bit like frogs trust me ;)

so I hope this helps a bit to explai why almost all my drawings have one eye :glomp:

and tank you so much for :+fav: my monsters they get exited each time! so do I :love:

Cuz I'm bored and a bit angry

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 21, 2009, 11:51 AM
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Wake up- arcade fire
  • Reading: web site to do list
  • Watching: computer
  • Eating: orange bread
  • Drinking: chai

1. name - Diblik
2. age - 25
3. country - Mexico
4. eye colour - green/yellow
5. hair colour - Dark brown
6. middle name – diblik is my middle name

Are You:
7. dating someone - no
8. left-handed - No
9. racists - No
10. smart - probably more than you
11. tall - really not
12. in love - no

13. colour – purple
14. fruit - tangerine
15. flavour of icecream – roses
16. book - just one? any from Jane austen
17. movie – the Labyrinth
18. song – neon bible
19. number – 9
20. food – sushi
21. drink – chai
22. band/singer – reasputina
23. baby name for a girl – Carlota Amalia
24. baby name for a boy – Jared, Darcy
25. person – myself
26. website – DA
27. game - FFVIII
28. cereal – zucaritas

This or That:
29. jeans/pajamas - pajams
30. rain/snow – rain
31. black/white - black
32. dogs/cats – dogs
33. chapter books/manga - fiction books
34. family/friends – myself
35. question/answer - questions
36. pants/shorts - Pants
37. tv/movie – Movie
38. lights on/off – on
39. phone/computer – Computer
40. test/homework - test
41. guy/girl - guy
42. brother/sister - sister
43. kids/pets – Pets
44. people/animals - Animals

45. what time is it right now? – 12:47
46. what do you do when you're bored? – draw
47. what is the 3rd letter in your last name? - r
48. where do you want to visit? – countryside
49. how much money do you have? – 70 bucks
50. if you were dying, how would you spend your last days alive? - planning my funeral
51. do you have an ipod? – I do
52. who messaged you last? - dad
53. who called you on the phone last? - dad
54. are you tired? - all the time
55. what is your dream job? – be happy, be unique be perfect
56. do you have a job right now? – I do

How Many;
57. letters are in your full name? – 23
58. schools have you gone to? – 7
59. jobs have you had? - like 8
60. people have you kissed? – lost count
61. friends do you have? – very few
62. windows are in the room you are sitting in? – 3
63. rooms are in your house? – 4
64. books do you own? – many
65. movies do you own? – many
66. brothers/sisters do you have? – 1 twin
67. people live in your house with you? – 3
68. pets do you have? – dog just passed away
69. kids do you want/have? – 2-3

70. who was the first person you kissed? – can't remember the name... was like 10 years ago
71. are you dating someone? - no
72. how long have you been dating? - ...
73. what is the most important thing that you own? – old teddy bear
74. what do you imagine most? – fairytales
76. what is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? – wering my pants the worng way facing back
77. what is the color of your underwear right now? - grey blue
78. what is your fave word from a different language? - parfaite = perfect french
79. close your eyes. what do you hear? – my heart
80. what are you thinking right now? – I want to dream

keeping up!

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 9, 2009, 9:20 AM
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Avalynn Ly Farytale
  • Reading: to do list
  • Watching: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

so my last journal was about how sick I was, so many things changed in very few months I changed job and moved cities again, now I'm back where my parents live, my grandma passed away in january then my most dear Uncle to, that was the basicall reason for coming back home and have some emotional healing so now I'm planing in what to do next I have some t-shirts and totes design, and I'm also making efforts to make some of my drawings in to plushies, who knows what is going to happen,
I have been doing some watercolors, and I'm trying with copic markers I have this crazy plan to improve my ilustration skills and I'm taking out of storage my drawing table...

so in all I expect this to be a great year!

also I would love to say that I love dearly al the coments and the :fav+: s and I really try to answer to every one!

Feeling Yellow

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 6, 2008, 7:42 PM
  • Mood: Homesick
  • Reading: nothing
  • Watching: the big bang theory
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water

So I got hepatitis if u are wandering why I havent been around, even being in the computer becames a pain because I was feeling terrible, my parents went for me to the city so now I'm on my parents home taking care of me yay! I'm drawing in paper so old school and all but I will ask my sister to scan some of my draws so u guys can watch some new things soon, next week is my last sick week and I hope to be around alot more!


the Wicked Yellow Bunny

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 2, 2008, 8:44 AM
  • Mood: Homesick
  • Listening to: Per te
  • Reading: some fanfic
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: water

Hi! this is me again, the cold is now only a light cof, this weekend my parents came over from san luis, it was the 79 birthday of my grand ma! right now after 4 months of living alone in the city I felt so alone and I wanted so much to go back to my parents house to be again living with them and my sis, but alas I will not, cuz running back home just because I feel lonely is not what grown ups do, any way I'm feeling better now, and I prommes to do more things this week!

Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri May 23, 2008, 2:36 PM
  • Mood: Pain
  • Listening to: nothing
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

I'm so sick right now, my head and my troath hurts and all my body feels tired, I have fremnch test tomorrow, and family lunch so I have to take like 1 hour worth metro and some more city train to.... and I'm still at the office, dam, one hour more and I leave I swear!

Necesito hacer cleaning

Journal Entry: Wed May 7, 2008, 10:25 PM

como decostumbre mi recamaara es un botadero... sigh creo que limpiare estos dosdias no he puesto nada nuevo porque el boceto que tengo no quiere dejarse realizar bajo ninguna circunstancia, por otra parte tambien estoy escribiendo un cuento que tenia detenido,  proximamente mas de mi y ¿ustedes como estan?

  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Ragdoll Physics, dibloo swing orchesta
  • Watching: my screen
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: earl grey with soy milk

not feeling fine

Sun May 4, 2008, 11:28 AM



Humm I think some one is using the vacumcleaner... and I'm hre drawing still in my pjs thinking on going to the drugstore to buy somenthing to stop feeling so crappy but cheers! I'm productive the crappier I feel so behold I have added new Id picture and so more new things for u to watch as by example why I haveproblems whit mi screen name!  


Just begining to test the css hopefully this will improve!     


  • Mood: Depressed
  • Listening to: Je n'veux pas rester sage
  • Reading: my french lessons
  • Watching: my screen
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: should go for tea